Frolic my supposed mixed breed German Shepherd

by Teresa G

Frolic at the vets office

Frolic at the vets office

Frolic was abandoned at about 6 weeks of age. I got her through a vet friend of my daughter's. We were told she was a Shepherd mix but she looks like a purebred to me. I can not even see anything but Shepherd in her. She is beautifully proportioned and weighs in at between 66 and 67 pounds.

She is way too smart! Having been taken from her mom too early she has had some major issues complicated by the fact that I was an emotional wreak when I got her from the breast cancer meds I am. She and I have gone through a lot of dog training classes which has really saved our relationship.

I was ready to give her up. But now, at almost 21 months, she has become a wonderful companion. We still have a few issues but our classes have given me the ability to deal with them.

She is my Sweetheart!

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