German Shepherd Australian Cattle Dog Mix?

by Sumner Ames
(Seattle, Washington)

Far apart ears

Far apart ears

Her name is Sonja.

She was first owned by a homeless man who, before going to the hospital sold to a woman. She knew the lady who runs the dog training classes as well as the doggy day care in our area and asked her to find the dog a home before they moved. That's how we ended up with Sonja.

We think she is a German Shepherd Australian Cattle Dog Mix?
Her ears are farther apart then any of the other German Shepherds we have had in the past (see picture of Sonja's ears). The reason why we believe she's not a full German Shepherd is due to the fact she seems more sturdy and compact compared to the average German Shepherd (see picture of Sonja standing).

Her appetite is decent. She and her friend Fritz eat twice a day.

She get a few walks every week and playing in our field almost everyday.

We're not sure how old she is. We estimated that she's about 3.

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