Ghost, Chow German Shepherd Mix

by Rhonda
(San Diego, CA)

He is named Ghost.

I got him in Pala, CA. He is a German Shepherd Chow mix.

His appetite is good. Had him for five days.

He chases tennis balls, retrieves, doesn't bring it all the way back. But, his squeaky toy, different story... Haha. We are both learning.

He is afraid of water, but put his feet in his pool, and he lets me hose his legs. Also very interested when I'm in the shower. So, maybe he will be a swimmer. Next step is to introduce him to the horses, cows and Freddy, the buffalo.

He is named Ghost after the sire dog on Game of Thrones. That, and I'm kinda into the paranormal stuff.

It is a blessing that I had him. I had found him and then found the owners, but we had connected strongly, so it is hard letting go.

I've always been a cat person, so a dog? But, I was thinking of getting one. only had to be a Shepherd. Had a friend who had one, said I ruined his dog, Shep. Well guilty.

That dog protected me and was very loyal. But, I took care of him, walked him, took him swimming, and loved him very much. So, now I'm researching the two breeds - training, alpha roles, etc., and I found you.

I never do this... and I did...

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