GIBSON: Glad we got him early...

(Mindanao Island, Philippines)

I got my puppy at 11 weeks and he weighed 3.8 kgs. Gibson was purchased in the Philippines where the breeders do not feed the dogs or innoculate them so the puppy must be bought asap. The longer it takes to sell the puppy the more the sale looks like a rescue, it is SAD to say.

In one month he has more than doubled his weight to 8.3 kgs (18 lbs. at 3 months). I/we are just happy to have gotten a happy/healthy/disease-free puppy in a country where almost all the dogs are diseased (unless owned by an ex-pat), have hideous skin disorders and are a public health menace.

Now we have to keep him away from the other dogs in the area, that he wants to play with, because all of them have the mange/lice and are sad/sorry to look at.

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gsd in the Phils.
by: Anonymous

Hi, not all gsd owners in the Philippines need to be an expat to take care of their dogs.

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