Ginger - German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix?

by Kelly
(Manchester, CT USA)

Ginger - A German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix?

Ginger - A German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix?

She is very talkative. Not just barking, she sounds like she is excitedly telling me things with a whoo, whoo, WHOO WHOO! ruh, ruh, ruh RUH. I wish I knew what it ment. We got adopted Ginger from the Humane Society 4 years ago. They said she was a South Carolina rescue and she was 3 months old when we got her. They called her a German Shepherd, golden retreiver mix, but I think thats not quite it.

She has a very big chest. Everyone thinks she is fat, it is just her chest. She has lots of scruff around her neck. She loves attention and is very strong. I've had her break harnesses on me before. I'm doing ok walking her, but sometimes a smell or something gets her pulling my arm off!

Ginger also has black spots on her tongue which I have seen on pure German Shepherds before. Can anyone tell me if she is mixed with golden retreiver or something else. I'd love to hear feedback. Thanks!

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