Giving this Beauty a Second Chance...

by Nicole Salzman
(Cheektowaga, NY Erie County)

Our Son and his BFF Riley

Our Son and his BFF Riley

Her name is Riley Skye.

We got her from the SPCA in Erie County, NY. They rescued her from a place that puts down older dogs that have not been adopted. She originally was seized from a residence that had multiple animals that were not being taken care of.

I'm not sure what kind of mix she is. She has the German Shepherd for sure, however, she only weighs 45 lbs. Her ears are up and she is the sable color of a German Shepherd.

As for appetite, I've only just got her home, however, she eats dry food twice a day and loves treats.

She's very playful for a 9 yearr old and loves to run (trot), prance and play. She also walks very nicely next to me.

Riley is a 9 year old beauty who we have taken in to give her a forever home. She's very smart, knows how to sit, shake, lay down and also go up on both back legs with front paws off the ground when you say "up" all in command. She also will catch and is so very sweet.

Right now she's a bit of a free spirit and she can take ya or leave ya and do her own thing.

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