Gracie Lee's Growth Progress

by Terri

Gracie Lee came from a litter of 9 puppies. Her father is totally black and her mother is all white. All 9 puppies are black and tan. There were 5 males and 4 females.

Her weight is progressing nicely. She is long and tall. Very sleek and streamlined. Receives a lot of exercise daily and is already getting her adult coat.

Her weight progress is as follows:

8 weeks - 11.7 lbs
9 weeks - 12.75 lbs
10 weeks - 14.3 lbs
13 weeks - 25 lbs

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Gracie Lee's Mom
by: Terri

Gracie Lee turned 5 months old last week and she now weighs 44.5 lbs. She is growing fast and loves the snow. She is really teething and I have been able to collect 5 of her baby teeth so far. Her mouth was sore and her appetite started to slow a little. I now mix a can of the same food in to her dry food and her appetite has picked back up. She loves the combination!

She has a lot of energy and if she is not kept busy she gets into everything!!! What a pup! We love her!

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