GSD Growth Question

by Lee Cuthell

Hi there,

I was looking for a bit of advise. The thing is I have a male GSD pup and I think he is really quite small for his age. His mother and father were just average size German Shepherds, so I don't think my pup going to be huge, but I was just wondering when measuring the withers do you measure from top of shoulder or elbow? He is 20 inches from shoulder and from elbow he is 9 inches.

Can anyone tell me if that is correct how to measure or have I done it wrong? And is that size average for 15 weeks?


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Dog's height
by: Anonymous

How do you measure your dog if you don't have a wicket? (Official wickets cost several hundred dollars.)

Well, it's a little like measuring your kids as they grow, but in the case of dogs, it pays to be a bit more accurate.

You'll need a level surface adjoining a blank wall, a carpenter's level, a pencil and a metal measuring tape or a yardstick.

You also need a helper unless your dog is perfectly trained to hold a stand-stay.

Have your helper position the dog so it is in the above position, with the dog's head level. Place the carpenter's level across the withers, letting it rest on the bone, one end at the wall. Move the ends of the level until the bubble is exactly in the center of the level indicator, then use your pencil to mark the wall underneath the level where it touches the wall.

Move your dog away from the wall and measure the distance from the mark to the floor. If you have been careful - and honest - you now have an accurate measurement of your dog's height.

Other methods, such as running a tape measure from the shoulder to the floor, or measuring without the use of a level, give rise to some of the bizarre claims for giant dogs.

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