GSD is only 50 lbs at 10 months

by jeremy
(seattle )

My female GSD is only 50 lbs at 10 mo. I noticed others (GSD) and they are much bigger at a younger age.

I feed her formm dog food which is not the top brand but almost and still she looks so small.

Why? Will she ever get any bigger? Her mom was 100 lbs and her dad was 137 lbs but she is not even close to any of them. By the way she's going, she's going to be smaller then a boxer.

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9 months
by: Anonymous

German Shepherds usually put most of their weight on by 9 months... They will continue to grow til 2 years of age... but not significant gains as in the first 9 months...

by: Anonymous

I got a female GSD puppy from my daughter (after my big boy passed). When she got her, she was 3l bs at 8 weeks.

When my daughter brought her home, I knew right away she was way too little and sick. Anyways, after a big vet bill, she is now 42 lbs at 4 mo and 3 weeks.

I started feeding her dry and wet dog food and baby cereal. The vet said she is very healthy. And a bit tall for her age.

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