GSD Paul at 8 months and 78 pounds

GSD Paul at 8 months

GSD Paul at 8 months

My GSD pup is about 8 1/2 months and he is 78 pounds.

People say it is because I have been feeding him puppy food since he was 8 weeks and say he is getting too big because of the food. They say I should switch to adult dog food but I don't know.

I haven't asked the vet about his weight. do you think he is over weight? And should I switch to adult dog food or go to some diet food, or just stay on puppy chow?

He is still extremely fast and athletic, so he is not out of shape. I think I am lol.

Please, I need answers asap.

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Definitely over weight
by: Anonymous

My pup Lucian just turned 9 months and weighs 78 pounds.

He has been limping for the past 2 months. After taking him to the vet he thought it was a strained ligament and provided anti-inflammatory and pain medication, which seemed to be ok. However, the limping continued in the same leg.

After which I had him x-rayed... The result was Pano a condition very common in this breed also known as Panosteitus or growing pains. Lucian did not seem overweight and was very active, however, it was obvious that I was overfeeding him.

At 9 months he was considered extremely over weight. Basically with recommendation from the vet, I cut his feeding by 3/4, feeding him barely enough to slow or stunt his growth rate.

The GSD standard at 9 months should be 69 pounds approximately... until he is about 18 months or so. I recommend you cut down on his food source... and walk him regularly.

His ribs should be visible - that's how lean you should have him... until he is fully developed.

Depends on the puppy food
by: Kira

Are you feeding Large Breed puppy food? If you are then I would continue to feed the puppy food. He looks healthy and if he is active, that means he is feeling good and is right where he should be in weight.

Every dog grows differently. Like I always say, if it is not broke, don't fix it.

by: Anonymous

My GSD is 8 months and almost exactly the same size as your dog. He also seems perfectly healthy but some other pet owners think he is skinny - until I tell them he's only 8 months.

My Zeus
by: Zeus

My GSD puppy, Zeus just had his first birthday and at 12 months he weighs 97 pounds... He looks perfectly healthy, at one point we even thought he wasn't eating enough. At the dog park we go to(mind, we live in Iceland) we have still not seen a German Shepherd that is larger than him. I wonder how much more weight he will gain if he's at this stage already! But yeah according to this I think we all have very large happy puppies:)

My GSD Gus was 89 lbs at 9 months
by: Matthew

Our dog Gus was almost 90 lbs at 9 months. He started getting growing pains.

The vet had put him on pain meds for a few weeks and had us switch him to adult dog food. The growing pains went away within a month and his weight gain has slowed down.

by: Cent

My puppy is only 7 1/2 months old but he weighs 80 lbs. He's still skinny, some dogs are genetically bigger. His father was a 120 lb GSD and his mom was about 90 lbs (also GSD).

He looks fine
by: Shaun (Jethro's owner)

Paul is the same size range as my Jethro.

I fed him puppy food up until he was about seven months old. I took him off of it for other reasons, nothing to do with his size. Jethro comes from large parents so I would assume Paul does also.

I don't know what most people say but some sites and companies say that they should be fed puppy food til a year old.

He looks fine and healthy in the picture. That's all that really matters.

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