GSD Puppy Not Growing Well?

by Dan

My GSD puppy is 5 and a half months old and she is 17 kg (40 pounds). From the chart above that is 3 kg less then it should be!

Do I have reason to worry? I heard that you should keep puppies lean so that their joints grow healthy, so is this a more ideal weight then the growth chart?



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Puppy Seems to Be Growing Fine
by: Jennifer

Hi Dan,

It sounds like your puppy is in line. I wouldn't worry about her being a few pounds off. She may even hit a growth spurt or two.

You are correct in being mindful that your GSD is lean. Too much weight puts undue pressure on her growing joints.

Keep in mind that this chart is based on the International (FCI) standard. Depending on her bloodlines, she may be lighter than the chart dictates.

If you're feeding her a quality dog food, and providing reasonable exercise (don't overdo it wile she is still growing), she should be just fine.

Would love to hear how she is progressing!

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