by Katherine Gross
(Bay Springs, MS - USA)

Koko - GSD Husky Timberwolf mix

Koko - GSD Husky Timberwolf mix

My girl is almost 7 now. I got her when she was just a baby (4 weeks old).

Her mother was a small GSD and her father was a timber wolf/husky mix.

She looks like a GSD. She is small like her mother and colored like a GSD with wolfy looking eyes. She tries to bark but it morphs into a howl. I am very fortunate that she got mostly "dog" personality traits. I rescued her from an irresponsible owner.

She is not a good watch dog at all. She loves people and howls at everyone while wagging her tail. My other dogs bark at people. She never does. She will try to bark at a cat or another dog, but it comes out like a howl.

She has the neatest personality.

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