Gunther, my GSD/Malamute/Border Collie mix

by Bonnie
(Wilkes-Barre, PA)

His name is Gunther. We got him from a family member.

We are confident that he is a German Shepherd/Malamute/Border Collie mix.

His appetite is poor in the heat. This dog is definitely food motivated.

For exercise, he gets running in the yard, catch, flirt pole, running and playing catch at the park.

Our dog Gunther was given to us at 2 months old. He is extremely hyper and never wants to settle down except right after play or at 2200 bedtime.

He was a very bitey, hyper puppy to the point we almost gave him away. We started with a professional trainer soon after bringing him home and ended up going with another trainer.

He is better at just over a year, however, is still extremely hyper all the time even after training time and despite being fixed. He is crated to this day because he is too nosy and we feel he can't be trusted alone in the house.


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