Homer the Cat

by Joaquin

One day in an apartment was a cat who no one loved. Thrown on the streets with no love.

Father came home on his Harley. Always wondered about that cat. It was raining that day. He went to the door when he heard meows! He looked under his Harley to see a cat!

We named him Homer.

He lived a long happy black and white cat life. As he got older I would carry him up the steps. He loved it for his aching feet.

Homer was 17 and went to the hospital. He vomited pink. I pet him one last time. We left the room and sat on the bench. We looked at cats available for adoptions. Boys we'll get another soon.

We had gotten a letter. Homer went to The Rainbow Bridge. Tears rolled down my face. Years past. I was ten. Someday I would meet him there.

6/19/11 VA 10 years old

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