I have a Pony for a Puppy

by Faith
(New Jersey)

His name is Hunter I got him from a private breeder and he is a purebred GSD.

Currently, he weighs 65 lbs. Not sure how tall he is. When I got him, he weighed 27 lbs.

Hunter eats purina one smart blend large breed puppy and he has a great appetite.

For exercise, h has daily access to run our property with our 3 year old German Shepherd and weekly play dates at the park.

Hunter is turning 5 months old next week and he's 65 lbs. I knew he was pretty big when I got him at 11 weeks old at 27 lbs but I didn't expect him to grow this fast.

He is the same size as my 3 year old female shepherd now. Just curious to see if anyone else has had their puppy grow so big so fast and should I be concerned about his joints as far as being this heavy so young?

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