Is Benson a pure GSD?

by Michelle
(Charlottesville, VA )

First day home at 3 months

First day home at 3 months

My dog's name is Benson and I got him from a breeder in Benson, NC at 3 months with no paperwork. The breeders claim that the father is AKC registered and that the puppy is a pure GSD, but I am not entirely confident that he is pure GSD.

When I took him to the vet, he had tapeworms and weighed roughly 25 lbs. This is ~6 lbs less than the average on the GSD growth chart on this website. I haven't measured his height, but I will as a follow up once I take him to the vet for his second round of shots and seconding weighing, as he is now four months old.

Since I got him, he's been on the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon dog food, taking in two cups daily. I've been wanting to increase the amount of food, but he seems full after one cup and a half. There are days when I would have to stand above him and supervise that he eats everything. I am worried.

As for exercise, we go to dog parks, go for walks, and go to dog friendly events. My room mate has a boxer mix puppy that keeps Benson very active :).

As a recap, first, I'm concerned about his weight as I see a lot of you folks are at 3-4 cups. Second, wondering if he's a pure GSD. A lot of people have asked me if he's a wolf dog and recently, someone asked if he's a coyote mix ! He has a sable coat that seems to progressively get darker.

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