Is Jade a purebred GSD or mix?

by McKenna
(Saskatchewan, Canada)

Jade at 4/5 months old

Jade at 4/5 months old

Her name is Jade.

She was given by my grandfather on his farm.

I can't really tell what kind of mix she is. . I was told many times that she may be purebred.

Her appetite is normal.

I try to take her for walks but she is not used to being on a leash, it seems like she's scared of being on a leash. I usually play with her in my yard with my purebred GSD, Charlie. They usually chase around each other and play, so Jade seems to get good exercise.

She is a very shy dog, although she does have a loud bark. I was told she can be aggressive but I have not experienced it yet. She was also the largest pup in the litter but she was picked on by other dogs, which made her timid.

Jade and I quickly grew on each other, I absolutely love her. I am just unsure if she is purebred or not. I am also not sure if her parents are purebred.

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