Is Kia going to be small?

by Helen

Kia is a 7 month old White GSD and only weighs 44-45 lbs.

Both her parents are big dogs and Kia has massive paws.
She is 22" in height and is smaller then my male border collie.

Is she going to be small or will she catch up?

P.S: She eats loads x

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Kia`s size
by: Pearl Rigg

This weight does seem rather small but Shepherds grow at different rates according to their line breeding. A friend of mine had a GSD pup that was tiny for ages and we thought it would never be a normal sized GSD. But suddenly when it was about 6 months old it started to shoot up and is looks a normal size.

Not all GSD`s are the same size at maturity either. My 9 year old male is over 50 kg and has been that weight from about 18 months old, but a friend's male GSD at 5 years old is only 32 kg.

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