Is my GSD puppy "Pepe" underweight?

by Varatorn Pibulvech
(Bangkok, Thailand)

I just got my "Pepe" from the breeder today. He is 7 weeks old and weighs only 4 kg.

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The chart is only a guide
by: Alan P

My puppy at 7 weeks was only 5.4 lbs, looking at the chart I was worried at his size, he had a slow start due to his mother hadn't enough milk. Now at just turned 3 months he is a healthy 30 lbs, don't worry too much at the charts.

By the way, I feed him 10% of his body weight daily, mainly raw chicken backs + 1/4 chicken, raw eggs and a raw lambs heart daily! I leave him good quality kibble for snacks in between. He is very healthy and gains over 2 lbs every week.

Chicken backs are very cheap!

Pepe will catch up with correct feeding
by: Mischa's mum

Mischa is nearly 11 weeks and weighs 10kgs. When I got her 3 weeks ago she was underweight at less than 5 kgs.

Large breed puppy food 4 times a day sorted her loose tummy and has helped her to get closer to where she should be in weight. She is a bright, healthy puppy who is still slim but growing healthily.

Pepe's weight.
by: Pearl Rigg

4 kg is underweight for a 7 week old puppy. Take a look at the growth chart on this Website.

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