Is my GSD Simba Undergrown?

by Aditya Mhaiskar
(Vadodara, Gujarat, India)

My German Shepherd Simba

My German Shepherd Simba

My dog's name is Simba. I got him through a breeder. He is a purebred GSD.

Right now Simba weighs 23 kgs and stands 18 to 20 Inches all. When I got him, he weighed 800 gms and stood about 7-8 Inches tall.

Simba eats dog food, eggs, milk and cookies. Appetite is good. Thrice a day.

For exercise, she gets a lot of running and walking.

I consulted with a few breeders and a VET. I got feed back that he is a good dog, but his height is an issue. Also the growth of his face and nose is a bit lacking.

Til what age would his height grow?

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