Is my puppy too small?


I just bought a 7 week old male puppy. He only weighs 2.2 kilos and I could feel his ribs and backbone. Will he come on with proper feeding or should I take him back and ask for my money back?

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1.8 kg at 8 weeks
by: Earpie

My GSD was only 1.8 kg at 8 weeks. She was from a litter of 15. She was very sleepy for the first couple of weeks. She's 14 weeks now and weighs nearly 8 kg.

She's a very happy, healthy little pup and I wouldn't change her for the world! My approach with all my pets is that as long as they're healthy, nothing else matters! I've got a dog with some terrible scars, after having a mammary strip, but she's back to full health now, so we don't care!

Your puppy may well catch up with his growth but it could take some time.


Hang in there
by: Michael

Hi, I forgot to mention to provide a good dog food. I use Eukanuba because it has phosphorous and calcium both needed for bone development and strong muscles. Recommend you research and make your decision.

Good Luck....

Hang in there friend
by: Michael

Have faith. My pup was okay however, I thought he needed more weight as well. One thing I did was to immediately take him to be dewormed. Afterward he gained weight and grew well. He still looked a little underweight, and one night during his outside business, he came running with what I thought was an elastic strip about 12 inches long. I did not knew what it was - I thought he must have eaten some clothing. I learned the next day it was a tape worm so he received a deworming medication just for that.

Ever since he has done great. His picture can be seen under German Shepherd Growth Rockey right on schedule.

Good luck, give it some time then decide....

owner of 3 month old GSD
by: SK

My baby shepherd was 2.5 kilo's when I got him, but thanks to proper calcium supplements and good food (PEDIGREE or ROYAL CANIN for GSD's).

He's now 9 kgs for a 3 month old and seems to be growing well. Remember give him calcium supplements :) for stronger bones and better growth.

To Pearl:
by: Anonymous

Hi Pearl,

I kept him and he is doing really well so far - gaining weight and generally being a fantastic little dog with a great temperament.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Is my pup too small?
by: Pearl

At 7 weeks old your pup does not weigh enough.

2.2 kg is only 4.85 lbs and he should weigh at least 16 lbs at 7 weeks old.

Was he the runt of the litter?

Is he registered with the kennel club or is he from a back yard breeder?

If you are not happy with the puppy then by all means take him back to where you got him. But if you have got fond of him you could first of all worm him and also take him to a vet for a check up.

If he is eating well he may gain some weight but he has a lot of catching up to do.

You really should have done your homework more thoroughly before you bought him but too late now.

I do hope the little fellow turns out ok... Bless him. It's not his fault.

Years ago I bought a dodgy GSD pup that had lice and rickets. He almost died. He turned out to be a super dog with love and care.

Pearl (uk)

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