Isa ~ 3/4 DDR & 1/4 Czech German Shepherd

by Ashley
(Palm Coast, FL)

Her name is Isa. I got her from a trainer/breeder.

She is a purebred GSD. AKC registered with Eastern German & Czech background.

She weighs 27.6 lbs now. When I got her she weighed 16 lbs at 10 weeks.

I feed her Fromm's Large Puppy Breed Formula. Her appetite is good. She eats very well, 2.5-3 cups twice a day. I do not limit her food intake. If she wants more, I give her more. She is very active and we walk at least 3 times a day.

For exercise, she gets walking, training and of course ball fetching:)

She is highly intelligent, as most GSD's are. She picked up her German commands with less than 3 repetitions.

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