Izzy German Shepherd Whippet?

by Emily Gulledge
(Charlotte, NC)

Isabel, my German Shepherd Mix

Isabel, my German Shepherd Mix

Her name is Isabel..but mostly we call her Izzy, Izzybear, E-Wheezy!, Izzybell... We adopted this sweet girl from Animal Control. She immediately walked up to me and put her head in my lap. I was in love with her from then on.

I really think she's mixed with a Whippet. She bounces, prances, "pops wheelie's" in the back yard (if that makes any sense). When she's excited, sees deer and can't get to it. You'd think she's mixed with a deer :). She's a super fast runner, quick learner, but a little stubborn at the same time. Super friendly, very affectionate and surprisingly gets along (for the most part) with our 4 cats.

She LOVES to run with me. I typically run around 3-5 miles and she rocks it the whole time. We have a fenced in yard so she gets to run around when we don't go walk or run. She also loves loves loves her soccer balls/tennis balls and frisbees. She's not the best "fetcher" as she will gladly come back to you..but you have to work to get whatever it is out of her mouth.

For the most part she eats well, but it's not unusual for there to still be food in her bowl when I go to feed her next. She weighs 45 lbs and is all lean muscle. The vet told us that she's what she wished all dogs would look like, health wise.

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Whippet/German Shepherd Mix
by: Bernie

My dog named Rascal looks a lot like Izzy.

He weighs about 45 pounds. He's a sprinter but can go a couple miles if you entice with food.

He very friendly and affectionate. Loves the bed. With long lanky paws, he can take up half the bed. Our vet said his paws look a little big to be whippet. But, his lean body shows he looks whippet but has German Shepherd markings.

He is very intelligent and can leap over furniture when he gets excited.

Probably right about the whippet
by: Anonymous

She looks a good deal like our two dogs, who we had breed tested. It came out 50% German Shepherd, 25% Whippet and 25% mini or toy poodle.

But they have no visible mini or toy poodle, except the boy has a little wavy fur on his tailbone. So we think it is more like 50% shepherd, 25% whippet, 25% mutt, of which mutt part the only discernible markers they could find were mini or toy poodle.

Ours are the size of German Shepherds, about 80 pounds. The boy is lankier. The girl is more muscular, but with a more delicate head. They both have those flying-nun ears. The girl is tan with black, the boy is black with tan. Both have white feet, and white on the chest. Most of their siblings were black with a little white. The fur is a little smoother/shorter than true shepherd fur.

Mostly shepherd
by: Mary

Whippets and greyhounds are extremely fast but just sprinters. Don't last long on runs.

I have two greys, ages 10 & almost 11, and my Sammy (GSD) at 14 months can now keep up with them.

Izzy looks almost all shepherd, but with something else there because of ears. She doesn't have the build of whippet or grey. She's beautiful.

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