Izzy's Journey

Tired after playing fetch!

Tired after playing fetch!

My dog's name is Izzy (her registered name is Isabelle).

We bought Izzy from Bev Melcher, a GS breeder in Bally, PA. She is a purebred GSD.

RIght now, she weighs 54 lbs. Not sure how tall she is.

Izzy was 3 mos. old when we got her and she weighed 25 lbs. Not sure how tall she was when we got her.

Izzy eats Blue Buffalo and also gets 1/2 cup of raw meat with each meal. Her appetite is normal.

For exercise, she runs, fetches ball, and assists me with 2 hours of barn work each day!

Izzy is gentle, kind, smart and LOVES kids! We love her very much and feel blessed to have her as part of our family.

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