Jack is 4.5 months and around 18 - 20 kg

by Aarav

Jack, my German Shepherd

Jack, my German Shepherd

His name is Jack.

Got him from a local breeder. I am not sure if he is a purebred GSD.

Right now, he weighs around 20 kg's and stands around 20 inches tall. He weighed 15 kg's when I got him and stood around 12 inch's tall.

I feed him 4 times a day, 1 bowl full of Royal Canin, Pedigree and some times boiled rice too.

As his height is 20 inches, please help me - is he normal and how he will look like when he grows because his color is different.

Please help me out.I am not sure is he pure or not as I buy him from a local breeder.

:/ pls HELP ME :/

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Researching Quality Dog Food
by: Jennifer

A great resource for finding quality dog food is Dog Food Advisor.

by: Bakanelli

Don't feed him rubbish food like royal canin and pedigree. Research and try to buy best food you can for your dog. Good internet site for dog food is allaboutdogfood.co.uk

I too have a German Shepherd. She is 11 weeks old and weighs 9.5 kg. At 7 weeks, she weight 3.5 kg.

Soo rapid growth :)

Claw is 4.5 m but I wonder if he's actually 5.5 m
by: Anonymous

I got him from a GSD breeder in February. At the time I was told he was 2 months old and weighed about 4 kg.

But his first vaccine paper (dated in January) says he was born in November last year so he was supposed to be 3 months old at the time I got him.

When I contacted the breeder, they say the date in the paper was a mistake and he was actually born in December.

Now he is 4.5 m, according to the breeder, and weighs 23.7 kg.
Is that normal or could he be 5.5 instead of 4.5 m?

by: Anonymous

I own 2 German Shepards.

Porter is a white German Shepard and Cleaver is a traditional that looks just like your dog.

No doubt that Jack is a purebred. He's a good looking shepard. Hope all is well with him.

by: Anonymous

Hello Aarav,

Where are you from? You have an excellent dog!

Do not worry about the lineage as he seems to be a pure breed. I have a similar GSD, only thing his ears aren't gone up as yet.

I am from India too.

by: Anonymous

Hello, don't worry, your dog is pure bred GSD. I have no doubt about it.

My dog looks exactly like yours. I bought my puppy from the breeders who supply dogs to Avon and Somerset police. But, you should feed your dog three times a day and when he is six months old try to feed him twice a day.

Make sure he drinks planty of water every day.


by: Anonymous

The pic u added is of a pure German Shepherd. His height and weight are excellent. Colour often varies. He would look good.

Best of luck.

by: Anonymous

He might not be a pure GSD - he's a bit lean (though some GSD's can be lean-looking) but his tail is too small for a GSD. They usually have fluffier and longer tail.

That being said, I'm not an expert. I could be wrong.

Jack's Issues
by: aarav

Nope. I didn't get him with papers.

Anyways, he's not growing now and even he having a lump on his belly :( I don't know why the hell everything is going wrong with him.

Today i bought a drontal plus tablet, hope it will help him to de-worm and I'll take to the reputed vet soon for his lump too.

by: Tasha

He looks to be a GSD. I think it is normal for GSD pup to grow fast, by 8 months they gain most of the height and weight, though their growth continues til 1.5 years, which will be very little.

Have your local breeder given you any KCI birth record papers or did you buy JACK without papers?

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