Jenny the Care Taker

by John Edward

Hi Guys,

This is John and I have a GSD (Jenny) who is 3 years old now.

Her first litter was at the age of 2.3 years. She littered 9 puppies. I kept all the puppies in a kennel which was in the upstairs. It was a rainy season, it was raining heavily for 2 continuous days, the water went inside the kennel and all the puppies were wet.

Jenny kept barking continuously which I did not take seriously, but after some time it was dark and I thought of going upstairs. I saw Jenny, she was restless, she came close to me and alarming me that something had happened, but again I did not take it seriously. She continued this for almost 5 minutes, and then when I went inside the kennel, I saw that all the puppies were wet.

Jesus I immediately brought them all to my bed room, took a towel, cleaned them properly and then the puppies stayed in my bedroom for the entire rainy season. Then I happened to sell them to GSD lovers.

What I want to convey to everybody is that if I had taken things lightly then I would not have saved Jenny or her litters. Since that incident, if I see a little change in her behavior, I immediately get alarmed.

So my message for all dog lovers is treat your dogs as your kids. Thanks for the opportunity.


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