Jerry Lee's Growth

by Amber
(United States )

Jerry Lee 8 months old

Jerry Lee 8 months old

I got my GSD Jerry Lee from a local breeder on 6/6/13 when he was 2 months old at that time he weighed 15lbs

He is a purebred GSD.

Currently he is 8 months old and is 86.2 lbs and stands about 25 inches tall. I expect to be at least 100-110 lbs fully matured. He is on a prey model raw diet and has TOTW for back up in case I run out of food.

He gets about a 45 min walk. After our walk, he does some tracking in our yard, along with basic obedience and some basic bite work on the sleeve.

Jerry Lee is a great dog. I love everything about him. He's very protective over his territory and is a real sweetheart with the family. He always draws a crowd when we are out in public and everyone tells me how beautiful he is and how much they love him.

He also has a little Facebook page:

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