Jessie the Monstrosity

by Ian Welch
(Erlanger, KY)

Jessie @ 6 weeks

Jessie @ 6 weeks

Wonder if I spelled that correctly? In any event, JESSIE is a little bit of a beast. Her mother was an 80 lb female shepherd with black coloring. Her father was a 125 lb male with normal coloring. Many of her siblings had the typical coloring, while she is black with a white spot on her chest.

We spotted another dog in the neighborhood that looked as if it could be one of her siblings. The dog appeared 12-18 lbs lighter than Jessie. A neighbor informed us that this dog was actually 2 months older than Jessie (with identical markings). At just over 7 months, we took Jessie in to be spayed. Jessie weighs in @ 69 pounds exactly.

Anyone else have a female that weighed this much at her age? I am very curious to know how big she will get.

Please, only give input if you have experienced similar weight with a GSD. I understand how to use the chart to predict her adult weight, but would rather hear about personal experiences.

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Katka's the Same
by: Denys

Our female GSD Katka was also exactly 69 pounds at 7 months (11/4/12).

I hope she's not going to get TOO big, but we'll love her anyway.

Oh yes!
by: Susan

Hi! Our Rainna is similar in size. I didn't see when you posted that inquiry. I just took Rainna to be weighed today and she was 73 pounds. She's pretty "thin" looking and I've added more to her daily diet as she's growing so fast. LOL! She's a big ol' puppy and has no idea how big she really is sometimes. The breeder felt she would top out around 100 pounds. I don't know how accurate that will be...I just know we love her big "house moose" size and her silly acting. Our last Shepherd was around 55 pounds fully grown and Rainna is so much bigger! We love her bunches!

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