Kimber, my Gerbull (German Shepherd + Pitbull)

Kimber, German Shepherd Pitbull mix

Kimber, German Shepherd Pitbull mix

My dog's name is Kimber. We got her from the Humane Society. She is a Pitbull & German Shepherd mix.

Kimber is 6 1/2 weeks and a little over 7 pounds.

She's very playful and friendly (even with the cat) and curious of our 4 month old son. She loves to cuddle! She whimpers when she needs to go potty and has only had one accident in the week she's been a part of our family.

She is learning sit, come and lay very quickly and is a joy to have! Mom was Pitbull and dad was pure GSD. She is already great at using her kennel and loves to take naps with me but has no problem taking one in her kennel and it only took 2 days to kennel train her!

We love her. Any idea how big she'll get? Or if she will have erect or floppy ears?


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