Kiva at 5 Months

Our 5 month old female pup is 50 lbs.

She's very healthy and we feed her only raw meat, bones, organ meat, and fat. Mostly chicken wings and awful with some sardines, pork ribs, lamb ribs, or anything that has a good combination of meat bones and fat.

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Kilo's weight check
by: Judy W.

We have a 6 month old spayed female GSD and she weighed 44.8 lbs at her last vet check up. She's lean, actively healthy with perfectly strong white teeth.

We feed her a raw diet, she gets the bulk of her food in the morning... approximately 2 good cups, a raw chicken leg in the afternoon then a small handful of training treats during training before bed.

She's exercised in the morning before breakfast and trained in the evenings when she's calmer.

Raw food
by: Michael

Hi; How many times a day and how much of a portion does Kiva eat?


4 months?
by: Anonymous

Do you know how much she weighed at 4 months? We have a female that is 15 weeks and weighs 41 pounds. We were trying to get a general idea of how much she will weigh. Hope she is as big as yours. :)

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