Kody - German Shepherd Akita mix

by Jessica Hinson
(Colorado Springs, CO, USA)

Kody is 1/3 Akita and 2/3 German Shepherd Dog

Kody is 1/3 Akita and 2/3 German Shepherd Dog

Kody was born on 9/13/09. Age 18 months in picture.

This mix is very loyal and loving. Great with puppies, wicked smart, and constantly "talks". Loves having "conversations" with other German Shepherds/mixes. Amazing guard dog, will protect its family from anything and anyone.

Responds to training with affection better than treats. Punishment is not recommended as they will become skittish and possibly aggressive.

Requires constructive training weekly to keep them sharp. A very energetic dog that can also fall asleep at your feet for hours.

This is a large dog weighing between 60-100 lbs depending on environment and diet. Has a medium-long coat and only seems to shed at the beginning of summer. Warmer climate might cause more shedding.

Has a strange peanut butter addiction.

This is an amazing dog and will be the only "breed" I will have for the rest of my life.

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