Ku_Jo, The Great White Shepherd

by Daniel Stoops

Ku_Jo, my White German Shepherd

Ku_Jo, my White German Shepherd

My dog's name is Ku_Jo. He weighs 96 lbs. And stands 26.25 in tall.

I got him from a trainer-breeder when he was 1.5 years old, he's 2.5 now.. He is a pure white German Shepherd dog.

He is on an all-meat diet, no corn, fish extract, and children's multi vitamin gummys. He eats twice a day.

He is out doors 2-3 hrs a day, walking running and playing.

No matter what has been said about white German Shepherds, he's my big baby, and my family's guard.

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Training White GSD's
by: Anonymous

I find my puppy just doesn't listen and gets so excited that he bites. When he does listen, he works for a time then acts the clown. He barks at you when you tell him off.

Is this a normal white? My last one was a dream and I have been told that it was not normal to be so quiet and obedient, and that my new pup is more typical of the colour.

He's a handful
by: Ku-Joe King Kauls owner

Hit the training hard… They're a wonderful animal but have a mind of their own.

Good luck.

White Shepherd
by: Anonymous

I had a white shepherd who weighed 65 kilos.

My new pup weighs 20 kilos at 4 months. I love whites. Kia, my first was my love. Loki, my pup isn't the same. He's a mad, lovable clown to all the family.

Why do some people look down on White German Shepherds down?

Same dogs!
by: CiCiandCujo

So funny...

I too have a white Shepherd with the same name, although we spell it Cujo!

He's 4 and a half months at 45 lbs... thinking he's going to be around 120!

by: ku-jo s owner

He's a little over 100 lbs now, so around 17-20 lbs, but in muscle tone and filling out.

by: Anonymous

How much weight did he put on between 1.5 years to 2.5 years?

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