Lexi, our Adorable Mutt :)

by Courtney

She's the bigger one, not the Yorki lol

She's the bigger one, not the Yorki lol

Our adorable mutt Lexi… We've gotten so many ideas from people about what they think she is mixed with, SO MANY.

But, her most dominant look is GSD. She's 1.5 years old, about 50 lbs. She's a little girl with floppy ears… But, I've always wondered if her ears were supposed to be that way or if having surgery caused from ear hematomas as a pup altered her ears?

We'll never know. but she is a wild child for frisbees and loves to run, she would chase birds all day if she could. She's really fast, sometimes i swear she's got greyhound in her, she's got such dainty legs.

She's really smart, not whiny at all, very well behaved. but she does like to take off down the road if someone leaves the front door open.

Anyway, we love her. Maybe one day we'll do a DNA test.

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