Life with Pookie

by Mildred Calixte
(Reading, PA, USA)

German Shepherd mix Pookie

German Shepherd mix Pookie

Pookie is the most beautiful, intelligent, resillient, protective, loyal dog I have ever own.

She is my little princess. Gold and white in color. Although a German Shepherd mix with another breed, shepherd is more prominent.

The vet gave her a life expectancy of ten years. She manages to surprise us all. With tender loving care by me her mommy, she just turned fifteen years old. She is my very best friend, companion, and baby. I love my pookie, my darling little princess.

Pookie is always happy. Tail is always wagging. Very polite and friendly to all dogs, children,and humans.

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by: Anonymous

My daughter has a Shepherd mix, but we're not positive what the mix is. Do you know what Pookie is? Our Harper is our little baby too and very sweet. We acknowledge he is an equal part of the family and that makes him happy.

Do you have more pictures of Pookie?

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