Little Kaiser

by Ben

We bought Kaiser from a breeder when he was six weeks old.

We knew that he was the smallest out of his litter, but his parents were both nice big good looking GSD dogs. What we didn't know was that the whole litter was tiny for GSDs.

When we brought him home he weighed even less than what we were told, he was only 1.2 kg. Needless to say we were very disappointed and to make matters worse he refused to eat for a couple of days. Here is his progression so far:

6 weeks 1.2kg
7 weeks 1.9kg
8 weeks 2.5kg
9 weeks 3.2kg
10 weeks 4.6kg
Now 11 weeks 5.4kg

He is so tiny compared to other GSDs his age. Will he ever reach the proper breed size?

I used the dog food calculator on this website and he is undereating. He is maybe eating 2/3 of what the minimum says and he simply won't eat any more.

I have him on Royal Canin GSD puppy food and supplement with chicken necks because the vet said his bones are weak.

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by: Ben

Well Kaiser is now a week away from 8 months old and he has really caught up.

Last week when I weighed him he was 32.4 kg. He is still growing steadily. He is still a few inches short of the standard, but he is very strong and thick (not fat).

His face looks very adult now and he is well proportioned. I get lots of comments asking if he is a miniature because he looks like a small adult. But I'm sure he will be a good size when he is done growing.

He has a super appetite now, eating at the upper limit of what is recommended and then trying to steal our other dog's food too.

Small puppy
by: Tiny Mia

I have a white GSD that's growing at the exact same weight.

Her siblings looked the same size and the vet told me there's nothing wrong. At 6 weeks she weighed 3.2 lbs and at 9 weeks she's at 6.8 pounds.

I can only hope it's genetics and that she'll have a late growth spurt. Maybe it'll happen with your puppy?

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