Loki, German Shepherd mix?

by Jonathan

Loki, our German Shepherd Mix

Loki, our German Shepherd Mix

This is my German Shepherd mix? Loki.

When me and my girlfriend moved into our apartment, we decided to adopt a dog. We found the puppy area and this little guy was listed as GSD/Mix.

I am tempted to say he is German Shepherd and Rottweiler because of the way his eyes sit, and he has very thick heavy legs and paws that he seems to be continuously stumbling over.

This dog can EAT. If I left food out he would probably never stop. As For exercise, he is always out when someone is home and walks frequently. He is extremely powerful, demanding, and unsure of strangers. He tends to just slowly sit next to me and watch them.

Like I said before, the pound said German Shepherd/Mix and they have a list of dogs to pick from. But, he generally looks like a Shepherd. He is also a pain in the butt and likes to beat up on people and nip.

He has beaten his kennel cough and is growing rapidly. They said he is 8 weeks in these pictures. I am concerned his ears won't come up but I hear this can take a while some times. Either way, I will love him.

Thoughts would be great!

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