Maci at 8 Weeks and 11 Pounds

by Hannah

My German Shepherd Maci

My German Shepherd Maci

We got Maci at 8 weeks and she weighed 11 lbs at her first appointment.

She then had diarrhea and we suspect worms... She wasn't gaining weight.

She is now 11 weeks and healthy and gaining weight quickly. She's 16 pounds.

Hoping she continues on like this!

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Maci's weight
by: Anonymous

I have an 11 month old German Shepherd named Eden. She was diagnosed with E.P.I. about 4 months ago.

I pray that everything is great with Maci but check it out just for warning signs.

Dog Food Calculator
by: Jennifer

Hopefully, Sammy's diarrhea has cleared up. Depending on how it was treated, it should have cleared up within a few days.

As for how much to feed her, you can find a dog food calculator here.

Just enter your dog's weight and it will give you a decent guideline.

I never raised a German Shepherd
by: Ruben

I have a German Shepherd that my brother and I bought. We got her at 3 months.

She had diarrhea and the guy selling us Sammy said he'll take care of it. I want to know how long does it take for her to stop pooping like that? It's been only 2 days so far, I just want to know for how long does it take her digestive system to recover?

How much should she eat a day?

Maci at 8 weeks
by: carla

Great to hear. I have Rizzo 8 wks and 7 lbs, same thing worms and now she is eating 3 times a day and acting like a puppy...

Now if she could just sleep through the night... lol

Beautiful German Shepherd
by: BigDaddyFromCincinnati

Glad to hear she's gained weight!

Ours had exactly the same issues. We took her to the Vet, he had "roundworms" was treated and is now gaining weight.

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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