Max's Growth at 8 months and 83 lbs

by Tammy Brasko
(Cranberry Township, PA)

GSD Max 8 months old

GSD Max 8 months old

My dog's name is Max. I got him from a breeder

He eats 3 cups of Kibble with 2 eggs scrambled with 1 Tbsp. olive oil 1/4c. beef broth & 2 fish oil 2 X's a day. His appetite is hardy!

He get lots of exercise! Runs/Plays Ball/Trails/Hiking/Swims daily!!!

He is an all around beautiful baby boy full of play (excitement/love/intelligence/strong/lean/hardy/firm/bright) and I wouldn't trade him 4 the world!


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Max will be 4 in Feb. 2016!
by: Tammy

Wow looking back at this post he was a BABY & is now a full grown boy! So well behaved/healthy/loving & as most know about the breed he is very protective of his land/family & home.

Adore Max so much! Still eats his diet I explained but more of course to suit his age & to date is now 98 lbs. Just a lean/mean healthy machine!

Response to diet commentary
by: Anonymous

Diet sounds awesome actually! You take great care of your boy👍

Not strange
by: Anonymous

That is a very good diet for a German Shepherd. Do the research.

Max 1 year & 3 months at 96 lbs
by: Tammy Brako

Max's update he is now 1 yr. 3 mths. & 96 lbs.

Diet now consist of 6 c. of Kibble, 6 Fish Oil, 2 Scrabbled Eggs scrambled in 1 Tbsp. of Olive Oil. 1 x a dy. Long bone growth is complete which is why he is now fed 1x a dy.

Completed all training classes and aced them was top of his class! He also gets 1 fresh butchers bone 1x a wk. from our local butcher! His training treat is raw ground beef works well :0) Loves fruits/veggies/etc. they are also only treats! NO bagged junk treats are given.

No problems with fur/etc. Still VERY active dog daily all day runs and swims and plays! We live near a lake so swimming is his fav. We also live on over 100 acres he is "free" to roam/play has he wishes!
Listens VERY well 1x command is all that is needed!

Starting to fill out in the front looking beefy and like a dog now instead of a puppy. All around GREAT watch dog VERY protective of his land/house/family, but as soon as we introduce you he is all about LOVING! Sweet boy all around!

by: Anonymous

That is the strangest diet I've seen. I almost thought you posted your own diet on this page by accident.

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