Maya - German Shepherd/Newfoundlander/Siberian Husky/Wolf

by Steve

Maya GSD Mix

Maya GSD Mix

Maya is 11 weeks old. She looks pretty much like a German Shepherd, except for a white patch of fur on her chest (I believe this is from the Newfoundlander). Her littermates had white feet, but she only has a little bit of white on a few of her feet, with a few white toenails. She is SO soft because of the Husky/Wolf.

She is the sweetest. She plays well with every dog she's ever met, including bigger dogs and tiny little dogs. So gentle with those little ones. She doesn't quite understand the older ones don't want to play though.

Right now she walks off-leash with me, and she comes when I call her... eventually, but she does come. I am amazed at how well she is doing at such a young age, but I am definitely keeping an eye on her as she gets more independent...

So happy I got her :)

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