My Babygirl, a Shepherd Chow Akita Mix

by Kathi
(St. Louis, MO)

Babygirl, my German Shepherd Chow Akita Mix

Babygirl, my German Shepherd Chow Akita Mix

Her name was Babygirl. I found her hiding under bed a house with a meth lab.

I think she was a Shepherd, Chow, Akita and ? Her appetite was great right up till the end.

She went everywhere with me... EVERYWHERE. She was the smartest dog I've ever met. She saved my life by making it worth living.

She could say "I love you." I swear she could understand English perfectly. I was gonna teach her how to flip a treat up in the air and catch it off her nose and she showed me on the first try that it was easy to do. If I didn't know better I'd swear she already knew how to do it but she was only five to six weeks when I found her.

Now that she's gone life just don't seem worth it again. I'd rather be gone then live without her. Now there s just a big empty hole in my chest. I NEED another baby kinda like her to help me heal and love again.

"I breathe in but I can't catch my breath."

Can you help mommy find a puppy like me? If so, please let me know!

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My babygirl. Shayla
by: Wendy

Omg I thought this was my babygirl. You described my Shayla to a tee. I just lost mine yesterday at 8, I am so heartbroken words can not describe. The bond that we had was like no other dog I have ever had. I am lost and miss her terribly. This is one dog I will never get over she was one of a kind. I hope you are doing okay now.

Identical dogs!
by: Anonymous

This dog looks exactly like my dog Nemo! He's a German Shepard chow mix and it's funny because he had female sibling in the same litter.

I had one once too...
by: Anonymous

I had a girl like this once too. I clicked on the picture bc I thought it was her actually. You described her perfectly too, she had almost a human-like personality. When she looked at you, you knew exactly what she was thinking.

She talked, also. She didn't say I love you, but if you rubbed her belly just right she would start talking, lol. I always wondered what her breed was. She showed up as a pregnant stray when she was relatively old. She had a nub tall and hip problems, which caused her to kind of hop around, so we named her Bunny.

She stuck around and became best friends with our male unaltered dog. After another pregnancy, we got her spayed. She was so well behaved and protective of us.

I went to teach her how to flip a treat off her nose, and like yours, it almost seemed like she knew what she was doing from the beginning.

My husband and I divorced and the dogs stayed with him, so I don't know what happened to her or her best friend. I still look for them, even though I'm sure they're both gone now, but they were truly the best couple of dogs I've owned.

This might help
by: Sandra

I'm sorry you are having to go through this. I have faced a similar loss and want to share with you how I coped as I think it could help you.

Talk to Donna. She is a very talented animal communicator and has helped me tremendously.


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