My beautiful Willow

by John Looser
(Broadwater, NE)

I got Willow at 8 weeks from a breeder here in Nebraska. She is a purebred GSD longhair.

I don't know what she weighed when I got her, but she is a week shy of 6 months and weighs in at 61 lbs.

She has a big yard to run in when I'm at work and I walk her daily, once a week on a leash - the rest off the leash since I live on the very edge of a very small town.

A couple of times I take her over to my friend's house and let her play with her brother. It's like an elephant stampede. She is right at 23 inches tall and bigger but the same height as her brother.

She is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time and worth every cent I paid for her.

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