My German Shepherd Boxer Mix

by Christopher Baker
(Albuquerque, NM USA)

My GSD Boxer - Hiking at 12500 elevation

My GSD Boxer - Hiking at 12500 elevation

My dog is very loyal and addicted to being loved. He will go up to you and sit by you for hours just wanting to be scratched and petted.

He is very hyper and needs A LOT of exercise. He is super strong and weighs 72 pounds at the age of 1 1/2. He is golden brown with a black muzzle and white back toes. He resembles the torso of a boxer and the face of a German Shepherd.

He is very smart; some tricks he knows so far is to sit, lay, wait for a count before accepting a treat, sing (howling to a harmonica), fetch, and shake hands. I expect him to be a very very intelligent dog.

The only cons I know of him is he is VERY hyper at times which makes him not obey. I am hoping this is just a puppy stage because he is only a year and a half old.

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My Shepherd Boxer mix
by: Dan

My name is Dan. Marius is my my German Shepherd Boxer Mix. I have had him for seven years now. You have to be very careful to make sure one or other of the parents don't have seizures because they will be passed on to at least half of the puppies. He is on medication for them and other than the seizures he is a normal happy dog.

Now the day I got him...

I went to the people who had the puppies and looked at a few. But when I would think I had found the one I wanted the guy would say it was already promised to someone. This happened four times. Then I saw Marius over by himself. I asked about him and the man said he doesn't like anyone or won't let anyone near him. Since I forgot to mention, these are eight week old puppies.

I walked over and stooped down and he walked right over to me and sat on my boot and just looked up a me.

Yep he was mine. And has been ever since.

People have to be careful around me since in the last seven years I have become disabled and he is very protective of me. Even sleeps in the bed at night.

The breed is amazing!!!

German Shepard/Boxer Mix
by: Debi

I have a German Shepard boxer mix-she is just coming up on two years.

We were mourning the loss of our 10 year old dying from cancer, and we all wanted a puppy, including our two other dogs and cat - even they were depressed and sad.

We responded to an ad and this puppy - now almost two - has brought SO much joy and love back into our family. We got her at 5 weeks, and she had a brother, and I'm now kicking myself for not taking him too.

Lola gets along with the other pets, and loves our family. She is not easy to trust other people. She is shy and gets nervous when we have people over she doesn't know and loud noises scare her.

What a great addition to our family. Great mix.

My GSD/Boxer mix Rosie
by: Diana

I have Rosie a mix German Shepherd Boxer that I adopted her a year ago this past May.

She was 5 months old and had never been out of the shelter. I wanted to get a bigger dog to have when hiking in our woods and we have 25 acres.

My Pyrenees had passed away Christmas Eve and I missed her really bad (still do). She was 15 and very awesome! But Arkansas is not a great place for a Pyrenees, much humidity and hot, and I would never put another through that again. So I decided to get Rosie, now that we are almost through the pup stage she is very much my baby.

She had to learn who was in charge and once we established the boundaries, she is a sweet, loyal and very loving beautiful pet. Her chosen thing on trash day is to watch over it till the truck gets here.

She looks like a Sphinx and is intent on making sure the bears do not get in it.

What else can I say, I love her!!! She is AWESOME.

My Boxer/German Shepard mix Melton
by: Anonymous

I have a 7 month old Boxer/Shepherd mix.

We adopted him at a local shelter when he was 4 months. He is very smart and has learn to sit when asked to.

He (Melton) is very friendly, loving to my 10 year old twin boys and myself. Doesn't like to be alone for long periods of time.

He has moments in the day when he is very active. We run with him and play fetch.

He now tells us when he needs to go to the restroom by tapping the door. He taps the front door when he is ready for a walk around the neighborhood.

Since he is a puppy he tends to bite a lot but we got him a lot of toys to bite on to use when he wants to bite us.

He just started Dog Day camp to learn how to socialize with other dogs. He is a great dog.

Friendliest dog I have ever owned
by: Anonymous

I have owned many dogs from poodles to working collies. This is the most social dog I have ever owned and adores all children no matter what the size.

She was almost too energetic as a puppy, but at the age of four became an adult calming down almost over night.

My only complaint is the shedding which I understand is from the German shepherd breed. Not all of them may do this.

Great dog
by: Jay

We had a Shepherd Boxer mix that had to be put to sleep after 16 years.

Princess was the best dog in the world. She was loving playful and very protective. She was very smart and adored our 2 girls. When she was younger, she would lay down in front of the door because she didn't want us to leave the house.

I would definitely adopt this breed again.

RIP baby. You were the best dog in the world.

German Shepherd/Boxer mix
by: Sherry

I just lost my baby after 11 years, Inu. For the first 3 years ate everything in site, pushed my patients to no end. Then I got sick and she knew, she stayed beside me right up to her last day.

She loved cats, dog ,kids and ferrets. If you can get past the dorky dog you will have one of the best dogs you can ask for. If I do adopt again I will look for the same breed.

Best of luck to you.

by: Anonymous

This will be the best choice of a dog for you if you have children. Super playful and super loyal, just be aware the need for room and exercise.

But, you can bet your house on this that this breed will love you and your family and will protect you all no matter what.

Little dogs
by: Anonymous

My 2 yr old spade female loves to play, but she is so big, that she does not know her own strength with little dogs. She will lay down and let pups jump on her, but one boxer hook can knock a smaller dog down.

by: Chris

He is good around people but German Shepard tend to give an agressive bark, but they would rather bark than attack. He is good with dogs but he needs to be around dogs or else he gets kinda socially awkward (meaning he's scared).

Hope it helps!

great breed
by: Amanda

I have a German Shepard/Boxer mix that is a year old. We adopted him about 2 months ago from a home that had two small children - which was important to me because I also have two young ones at home.

He is by far, the most gentle dog I have ever owned (and we had golden retrievers previously). He is very loving, and lets the kids bounce all over him without as much as blinking an eye.

He can be a little hyper at times, but he is still technically a puppy and it should be expected.

He barks when people pull into our drive-way, or come into our house and his bark is mighty fierce. He stands guard at the top of our stairs every night but will back down once he knows there is no harm. Then all guests have to worry about is being nagged for attention.

I am so happy we came upon our mix on accident. He is a great family dog and very protective.

Above comment
by: Christopher

Yes! I have never met a dog that loves other animals and kids so much. Only draw back is he gets a little jealous sometimes but does not get agressive - just whines and pushes.

He barks at people who come into the house till he gets the ok that they are friends then does not leave them alone in loving them. Also he does not like when people are picked up. I don't know why but he barks and play bites till you stop.

Hope it helps. Just remember all dogs are different. If you get one I hope its like my Max.

gsd/boxer mix
by: sierra

Well I'm thinking about getting a GSD/Boxer mix soon and I wanted to know if this mix breed is good with pets (smaller),kids and strangers? I would prefer them to be a little aloof around strangers but NOT aggressive.

Thank you. (Need answer soon)

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