My German Shepherd Mix Puppy

by Briana
(El Centro, CA, USA)

German Shepherd Mix Puppy

German Shepherd Mix Puppy

Well I've seen Kiyoko, my puppy's dad, which is 100% German Shepherd but her mother was a small looking mixed breed. She reminded me more of a mixed bull terrier since she only went up to about my knees or less. Would my puppy possibly grow big like her dad or small like her mom?

This is how she looks. Ignore the time and date. I took this picture yesterday and I don't know how to change the time and date.

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German Shepherd puppy mix
by: Grant


I was wondering how your puppy grew?

I just adopted a puppy from the shelter, and he looks exactly like yours, and I was wondering the same thing about your post.

I'm curious how big my puppy might get.

Thanks for any information you may give.

gscpodge [at] yahoo [dot] com

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