My German Shepherd/BullMastiff Mix

by Carmen
(Yellowhead County, Alberta)

Gaius, my GSD BullMastiff Mix

Gaius, my GSD BullMastiff Mix

His name is Gaius. Got him in Grande Prairie, Alberta. He was a 'rescue' of sorts from a young couple that had him in their apartment for only a week after they got him from a local acreage.

I was told he is German Shepherd and BullMastiff and do see BOTH of these in him. Do you?

He eats like a horse! I have 2 other dogs; a miniature schnauzer and a black lab and they eat nothing compared to what he consumes! lol

We walk daily as it's part of training and pack leadership. We also play fetch and other games on the acreage here.

A few pics... His current weight is just over 50 pounds and he is 25 weeks old!

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