My GS puppy (Tili) was 3.2 lbs at 5 weeks old

She was 3.2 lbs at 5 weeks old and has had some worm in her. In addition, she was poisoned by licking the steering fluid under my car. I took her to an emergency center and they charged me $360 totally, but say they gave up. I paid the amount of $360 and refused the vet doctor's offer to give her "lethal injection". I took her home and prayed... Magically, she is alive!

She is now about 9 weeks old and weighs in at 13.5 lbs. Though she is still underweight according to the FCI, but it is more than 10 lbs gaining after 4 weeks.

I hope she will catch-up with the growth chart soon. She is now free of worms, I guess. I notice a lot of worms in her feces after she injected dewormed medicine.

Thanks to Buddha who has granted her a magical power to overcome her fate.

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