"MY-SON" Growth Chart

by Vivek
(Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India)

At 4 months

At 4 months

He was brought in at 1 month. We got the pup little earlier than we should. Anyways we started off on weaning on our vet's advice.

He's got a sheet record of every little meds or vaccines he was required to take. He has just touched 4 months.

From last 40-45 days he's on natural Raw-Diet that has balanced amount of meat-organs-bones. Started off with chicken then progressed to fish, beef, pork. He's currently having a quarter of chicken in breakfast, beef in lunch, then on dinner either egg with chicken/beef/pork or fish and of-course lots of fresh water. I sometime mix green leafy veg's in-between.

Supplement once in a week just in case of lack of any particular nutrient. Never given those processed calcium-chews or supermarket treats. But was guilty of feeding him pet food for a month due to lack of knowledge.

To be frank and truthful apart from one occasion when he vomited and refused eating food he never fell sick so far. Never had loose-poop apart from that one occasion.

He's alert,agile, very active. Listens and understands easily when taught. Not very aggressive but still strong enough. He's a family member now. Eats with us (separately of-course!).

I am very happy to have him as my(our)companion. I've named him "MYSON" purposely. I also make sure that he's taken cared of in a healthy way. Gets space and time for running around, gets corrected when he has to. Gets adequate vet-visit.
He's 18-20 kgs now at 4 months. I do hope that I'm friendly and kind to my muted companion cos I very affectionate to him.

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Raw vs Pet food?
by: Smith

Well one thing for sure is that you're feeding him the best food that's available and it looks like you're providing all nutrients in natural occurrence. He does look healthy. Fur is shiny. You can leave supplements too coz as this is enough.

All is see nowadays is dogs fed with crap pet foods. Biggest fools are Pedigree. It's harmful. Dog's digestive system hasn't changed from last 100 yrs and they basically are carnivorous. Green veg doesn't harm. Stay away from grains, no table-scraps.

I've been breeding dogs from last 30 years and I know what I'm saying. Don't worry you'll do just fine.

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