National Insurance Co

by Thanda

One day without our knowledge, our 11 month old retriever swallowed a small stone. He must have thought it was an egg. We noticed his action and behavior for two days seemed to be different. So we went to our vet. He took x-rays which showed the stone, and told us about the importance of surgery needed for our retriever.

So, we arranged for the surgery. Thank god. Everything went well. But, the surgery bill was very large and we don't know what to do. Luckily, we escaped from having to pay this big bill. Because we had insurance for our retriever!

The pet insurance company took all the medical expenses caused by the surgery. We have other pets in our home, so I called and signed them up as well.

The initial premium may be slightly tough for us, but if any accident or injury occurs the pet insurance company will compensate the loss amount. So, it is our duty to get pet insurance for our beloved pets.

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