Our Big Boy Cratos

by Lisa

4 months old

4 months old

His name is Cratos. He was purchased from individual through an ad. He is a purebred GSD, but has no papers.

He weighs 50 lbs right now.

He eats Iams Large Breed Dry Puppy Food. As for appetite, if I don't stand with him, he eats very little.

For exercise, we play with him throughout the day… fetch, chase.

He has huge paws with double, fully formed dew claws. His father was reportedly 138 lbs.

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Thanks Anonymous...
by: Anonymous

His ears were more pink at that time, but they aren't now.

His appetite picked up BIG TIME! He's now over 100 lbs, has a beautiful soft coat and the vet says he's the most perfect example of a German Shepherd he's ever seen.

Also, my husband's boss raises and trains champion show GSD's. He said the same thing.

Think I'll stick with the Iams, but thanks! ;-)

by: Anonymous

It looks like your puppie's ears are quite pink, could be he's allergic to his food.

If you have to stay with him to eat, it would appear to me he doesn't care for it much. Dogs are carnivores and can't digest kibble well. Corn, wheat, and soy are a huge no no. I feed my GSD's raw meat and they are thriving and can't get their food down fast enough. They have the shiniest softest fur I've ever seen, and tiny poos.

Check out raw feeding. I think you'll be surprised.

Good luck

Went to the vet yesterday...
by: Lis

He got the last of his shots and weighed in again. He now weighs 52.6 lbs.

His potty training has apparently reached the level we can appreciate...he has had no "accidents" in the house in three days!

I love him so much. He has bonded to me in a big way! He's my shadow.

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