Penny, my mixed baby - German Shepherd Lab

by Crystal W
(Pine Bluff, AR, USA)

Penny, German Shepherd Lab mix

Penny, German Shepherd Lab mix

My 10 week old German Shepherd/Lab mix is named Penny.

I got her from a family in town who owns a purebred GSD that bred with a purebred Lab, however she looks as if she were a purebred GSD. Her coat is that of a sable German Shepherd, very beautiful. The only appearance of lab is her webbed paws.

She is already at 25.4 pounds at 10 weeks old, which is only one pound shy of the predicted weight of a 12 week old purebred GSD according to the growth chart. I can only take that to mean she will be a bit larger than a purebred.

Good thing I love big dogs. :)

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