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by Senthilkumar

When my Snooky was 5 months old, she had a big problem in the kidney. The vet said that the right kidney has to be removed. We were worried about her health and also about the amount to be spent for the surgery. By God’s grace we had taken a pet insurance plan for her.

The best decision we took is to insure our puppy in a pet insurance plan. We took the highest plan with unlimited coverage. The pet insurance has covered eighty percent of the medical expenses of the surgery. The pet insurance took care of our Snooky and they are very friendly with the customers and empathetic.

Because of the pet insurance we had our Snooky again. Otherwise we would have hesitated to spend that much money for surgery. So, thanks to pet insurance.

We also have another puppy called Sweety. But she does not have any health issues. We still took out a pet insurance plan for her as well, just in case.

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?
by: Anonymous

I so, so, so agree with pet insurance.

Our German Shepherd got into some trouble when he was a pup (as they do). He decided to climb the stairs on the children's cubby house and got his leg caught between the steps. We heard a huge cry for help. When we saw him upside down between the steps, we thought he had broken his leg.

We took him to the vet, xrays later and a nice bill to go with it, we took it to our pet insurance company. They were more worried about the puppy. They paid the bill and we received a letter from them asking how he was.

Feeling sorry for himself, but he recovered quickly.

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